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Subject Name Email Phone Days Times
WinXP, PC hardware, Connections
Home Installation Team (HIT)
John Saxon
jsaxon AT pcug.org.au
6161 1524
All days
9am to 5pm
Cook General help with PCs and PC Software Philip Bell 6251 5837
All days except Tue
9am to 5pm

Dickson WinXP, Mozilla, Office XP John Agnew jfa AT pcug.org.au 6249 7911
All days 9am to 9pm
Fisher MS Word, Excel, Lotus WordPro, Agent
Derek Jordan Derek.Jordan AT tpg.com.au 6288 7810 All days Any decent time
Flynn Flight Simulator Roger Lowery bandrlowery AT optusnet.com.au 6258 1583 All days Any decent time
Hall Village Noteworthy Composer Andrew Purdam apurdam AT pcug.org.au 6230 2231

All days Any decent time
Hawker Home Installation Team (HIT)
Internet connections, software and hardware.
Gordon Urquhart gordonu AT pcug.org.au 6254 5480 All days Any decent time
Holt FrontPage, Publisher,
Internet Explorer
Gary Potts gjpotts AT pcug.org.au 6254 2818
9:00am to
12:00 noon

Linux Rod Peters rpeters AT pcug.org.au 6251 2580 All days 9am to 7pm
Digital Photography, Paint Shop Pro, Paint Shop Album
Jeff Colwell
jeffmeg AT webone.com.au
6247 7756
All days
9am to 8pm
Page Free software - installation and advice Terry Bibo tbibo AT pcug.org.au 6255 2168 All days 9am to 7pm

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