Sixteen Bits February 2005

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Meeting Notes Main Monthly Meeting.
President From the President.
Editor's notes Editorial.
Meeting dates Meeting dates for 2005.
Member's services and charges PCUG Membership & Internet Services.
Software reviews Members' reviews of interesting software
Freeware discussion Learn from, and/or contribute to discussion.
Digital SIG Discussion about editing/manipulating photos.
Al's snippets Old Al's opinions.
Gmail A Gmail supporter's story
About web safe colours Web page colour consistency
Tweak Firefox Make Firefox go faster
Drive Imager Backup Windows XP
Humour More goodies from the net.
Help PCUG Help Directory.
The president's problem Three frustrating days.

We hope you enjoy this edition of Sixteen Bits. We are always on the lookout for items for the next edition. If you have anything to contribute - please send it to The nominal cut-off date for submissions is the 15th of each month. All submissions gratefully received. Please send us feedback as to what you might like to see published in your magazine.

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