Sixteen Bits December 2004-January 2005

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President From the President.
Editor Editorial.
Reviews Three Software Reviews by TerryB.
Greeting Cards Send your family greeting cards.
Christmas Paper Send yourself Christmas wallpaper.
Anti-trojan Free for 1000 years
Keyboard Shortcuts Give your body a break, and remove your hand from the mouse!
Browser Wars Another (green thing) joins the throng.
Freesite The best things in life are free.
Freeware discussion Learn from, and/or contribute to discussion.
Tips and Tricks Tricks about Video Editing.
Windows Fanatics Join the Windows Fanatics mailing list and learn a thing or two.
File of the Day Two Free Files of the day.
From CnC Email Start up items. msconfig and services
Centre Dates/Hours The Centre closes over Christmas/New Year and hours change slightly.
Humour More goodies from the net.

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