Sixteen Bits September 2006

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President From the President.
Editor's notes Editorial.
Keyboard trouble Note re keyboard difficulty
AGM Too late now, but this was the plan
Meeting dates Meeting dates for 2006.
Volunteer of the month
Volunteer of the month
PEBKAC Problem exists between keyboard and chair
Plain English Chat Group A monthly meeting for newcomers to PCs.
Memory The real truth
Genealogy Archive Queensland genealogy archives 
Join the Care2Com network
Humour September 2006 More humour
Paint Shop Pro PJ's Paint Shop Pro Stuff
Plugins Plugins for Paint Shop Pro and the like
Photostitching Stitching photos to make panoramas
Painting with numbers Painting with numbers
PSP_Tutorials Paint Shop Pro Tutorials
PSP_X_discussion Newsgroup discussion re PSP X
PSP_X_Text_on_Path Place Text around an ellipse.
Help PCUG Help Directory and handy links.

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