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Editor's notes .....From the editor.
2007 Volunteer of the Year
.....The President presented the award at the 2007 PCUG Christmas Party.
Herding Database Worms
.....This article presents a way to structure a range of database problems
.....Computing power in brain cells
Paint Shop Pro Snippets:
1. PSP Scripting......

2. EXIF Renaming.....

.....Scripts are the documents that one uses to write graphic and photograph documents with Paint Shop Pro
.....The renaming takes filename "DSCN1234.JPG", shot on July 3rd 2006 at
10:11:12 and changes it to "060703101112-DSCN1234.JPG".
Firefox NoScript addon ..... provides extra protection to your Firefox .
Humour .....Items your editor has dug up.
Helpers .....Ask for help from somebody on the list. For PCUG members only!
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