PCUG Elections 2004

This is a simple page to keep the PCUG membership informed about the elections during the 2004 AGM. If you read September's 16 Bits magazine - you will already know that the LMS team plus John Telek were not opposed, and so our able Returning Officer (Gordon Urquart) duly declared us elected. You can read our manifesto and profiles of the new committee members here. As John Talek did not nominate with the team - his profile is not included - but to quote the STOP PRESS announcement in 16 Bits "John is a senior programming consultant at Telstra, and has wide experience in software development and programming. John is one of the most active members of the PCUG HIT team and has helped solve problems for many of our members". So John will be a very welcome addition to the committee.

At this time when the committee changeover is occurring, I believe we need to explain to members the current problems we face, and to ask for support from all who would like to see the group survive. So instead of re-writing my short statement at the AGM - I'll just repeat the text here.

  1. Many thanks to those who have offered help and support to our team, and to those who took the trouble to send us your proxies (via snail mail even).
  1. We have taken on the job because we believe that despite the best efforts of previous committees (and the latest financial statement), and taking a pessimistic view, the group is in serious trouble due to declining membership and high ongoing costs.
  1. There are 3 views: Pessimistic – Assets will not cover depreciation by the end of this FY (effectively broke). Neutral – ditto by end of 2007. Optimistic – still O.K by the end of 2006 or 7.
  1. We believe that the PCUG is worth saving and I take the optimistic view. But if we further reduce member facilities, or benefits, or increase fees, the group will probably take the pessimistic path.
  1. So the optimistic path is to offer more benefits to members by using some of the huge potential we have among our members and assets to provide what we do best. Help and training and improved TIP services.
  1. We are facing some problems which need addressing within a very few weeks.

a)     Comindico (our supplier of bandwidth to the Internet) is in receivership as of last weekend. The receiver’s state that it will be sold as a going concern – but there are many rumours.

b)     Apart from TIP costs, our other largest cost is the current centre and training room rent and associated costs. The lease renewal is due within a very few weeks.

  1. On the Comindico point - we may need to take some very quick decisions which hopefully will not cost much (we may even end up with a better deal).
    On the centre and training room - I believe we have two options. The first is to share the facilities with other organisations, and/or increase or maintain current training room use by commercial organisations. The second is to move to much cheaper premises. But either way – I feel that a good training facility will be central for any group rejuvenation plans.
  1. We may not be able to do much of this without a lot of help from the membership. But we have had such a good reaction so far that I am hopeful. Wish us luck.

If we can't improve the situation within the next 12 months, we will gladly hand over the committee to a new group!

John Saxon - 28 Sep 2004