Algis Kabaila

I offer myself for election as a general committee member as part of the Like-Minded Souls team.  It has been too painful to watch the decline of the PCUG, the organization which I joined in 1991 shortly after moving to Canberra. I support the manifesto and I am acutely aware that the task outlined therein is rather complex, but is achievable.

When the PCUG in partnership with AUUG formed TIP,  seeing the good work that Karl Auer was doing  and the work load that it involved, I offered to help Karl. Assisted by a team of testers, I prepared the Internet Users' Kits for Win3.x. Many early Internet users of PCUG were helped by these kits in the comparatively cumbersome task of learning to use email and www of that time.

For a while I did chair the Delphi SIG and for more than 10 years "owned" the SIG mailing list.  I am a member of CnC which is not only a good  PC information source, but also an example of  cooperation and pleasant social interaction.  I am also a member of Linux Learners' SIG.

I am a Lithuanian-Australian, who came to these friendly shores more than half a century ago, so I am not really "new".  Whilst I am fond of my ancestry,  I am happy and proud to be Australian.

I had a long an varied working life: In Victoria I have been a timber cutter in the Victorian Alps, trench digger for the PMG, Engineering Assistant in CRB of Victoria,  Design Engineer in several organizations, Chief Engineer of the Victorian Branch of Civil and Civic, Senior Lecturer of Civil Engineering at RMTC (now RMIT), consulting engineer with some major projects, including the participation in the design of the ill-fated King Street bridge.

From 1970 my family and I lived in Sydney where for 25 years I was a staff member of the UNSW. I retired from UNSW as an Associate Professor to teach part time at the UTS.

I have been awarded Associate and Fellowship diplomas by the RMTC and the degrees of MEngSc and PhD by the UNSW.

Finally I really, really retired to learn more about my hobby - personal computers.  Currently I am switching over to Linux, whilst holding on to the hard won familiarity with the Windows operating system.


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