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John Saxon

I am standing for the position of President of the PCUG as I believe that (despite the best efforts of previous committees), the group is part way down the slippery slope towards a slow death. We have seen the membership decline from it's peak of about 3,500 members to the current 2,000 plus, and TIP members from a peak of nearly 2,500 to the current 1,500 or so. I believe that a fresh team approach by the LMS (Like Minded Souls team) is the best way to turn around the group's decline

My background is in communications and computing, and I brought my first home computer in 1978. Since retiring in 1997 after over 30 years working indirectly for NASA, I have been concentrating on personal computing with a particular emphasis on training and support.

I joined the PCUG when it started and after a gap of a few years, rejoined in 1988. I believe strongly in the group's motto "Users helping Users". Since retiring I have helped many hundreds of users each year, either in their homes, or the classroom, via phone or by Email. I don't claim any special powers! But I do believe that the more systems you fix, the easier it becomes.

I am a life member of the very successful Coffee & Chat SIG, and have been teaching Internet to Senior Citizens at the Woden Library for the last 7 years. If elected I will continue with my primary interest in training and support as I feel that these provide the best chance of encouraging members to remain with the group, and attract new members.


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