Ted Macarthur

I am standing for election as a general committee member with the LMS team.

1958 to 1992 Manager of a Commonwealth Technical Laboratory (staff of 27)

1978 Helped form MICSIG in Canberra with Rob Ryder.
Edited and contributed to newsletter, issued an early newsletter.

1985 to 2004 Member of PCUG
Past member of PCUG Committee
Contributions to PCUG 16 bits monthly magazine
1985 Involved in the care of Zhu Ling of Beijing, Chin. See: "Rescue on the Internet" p. 17 in Readers Digest April 1995
& Readers Digest October 1996. Also "Saved by the Net" South China Morning Post 7th September 1995
by Annita Sirkameswaran (Knight Ridder Publications)

Interests: Family, reading, music, digital still/movie editing,
Coffee & Chat section of PCUG

Telephone     : (02) 6286 3536
Contact Hours : If urgent 1700 -1745 weekdays
Email         : ebm@pcug.org.au
Home Page     : http://www.pcug.org.au/~ebm