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Page Welcome

  • In the Spirit of Users Helping Users, PCUG members may place requests for assistance from other members in support items directly related to PCUG tasks.
  • This could be for PCUG Centre, Training, Special Interest Groups, TIP Administration, and more. A request can relate to the simplest of requests, and may be added by any PCUG member in need assistance in support of a PCUG service or member benefit.
  • If in doubt of the validity of an item placed here, please contact the PCUG Office Manager for confirmation.
  • Contact is preferred via the appropriate Contact Forms. Please do not leave personal details such as phone numbers or email addresses on this page, as the page is fully viewable on the WWW.

Training Tasks

Training Room Maintenance Coordinator

  • Item Placed 15/4/2013, Item Revised 15/4/2013
  • Contact to discuss Office Manager
  • The Training Room machines are in need of a coordinator and support team to work with the current trainer group to maintain the software configuration requirements of the TR machines.

NB: The 8 new Dell Machines have 3yr next day service warranty for hardware. The 4 other TR stations are running the older machines for which we have back-up machines available in storage. - Set-up students accounts on all Training Room machines - Configure the student accounts for per requirements for SIGs and Training - Configure back-up machines concurrently. - Establish back-up procedures suited to the needs of the TR machines.

Training Room Promotion Coordinator

  • activities in support of this continue. A coordinator for this role would be welcomed. Please contact Karen at PCUG Office if interested.

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