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* Trainer
* Trainer
* Training Assistant
* Training Assistant
* Equipment & Resources
== About Volunteering ==
== About Volunteering ==

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This page provides information PCUG Activities and Opportunities for Participation.

All PCUG activities are supported by Volunteer time, skill, willingness and enthusiasm.
Please a browse through some of the varied activities listed below for information about the activities themselves, and descriptions of the volunteer roles that support those activities.
Each of these areas are broad in content and are followed through on the page links to each area.

Current Activities

This section aims to inform members of current activities of note.

Opportunities for Participation

This section of Volunteer Role Descriptions provides a general description of varied volunteer opportunities available to PCUG members.
Anyone who has had experience in any role is invited to place a description of that role.
Anyone who would like to try a role is welcome to contact us for more information.

PCUG Committee and Sub-Committees

  • Main PCUG Committee
  • Sub-Committees
    • Executive
    • ISSC
    • Website
    • PCUG Centre

Help & Assistance

  • support to assist members by phone, email, home visit
  • technical assistance for home equipment or internet service
  • referral to the appropriate help by matching members skills to needs

PCUG LAN & Centre Equipment

  • Maintenance of the LAN & Centre Computer Equipment

PCUG Office and Centre Administration

  • Communication Administration support manning the desk for managing member enquiries by in person, or by phone; and e-help
  • Background Administration support, such as data entry, filing
  • A Supervisory role of the Centre itself so members may use the facilities of the centre
  • Maintenance of member amenities, including refreshements
  • Centre Cleaning & Maintenance

Special Interest Groups (SIGs) and Meetings

  • SIGs Coordinator
  • Main Monthly Meeting Coordinator

The Internet Project (TIP) Administration

PCUG Training and Media Rooms

  • Training & Media Bookings Coordinator
  • Trainer
  • Training Assistant
  • Equipment & Resources

About Volunteering

This area is intented to overview information relevant to Volunteering, such as ....

Code of Ethics

  • based on Privacy Policy, and other related standards ...

Work, Health and Safety Info & Legislation

  • outlines information pertaining to OH&S, Working with Vulnerable People etc

Registering Your Skills

  • Until more formal information is placed here, please contact the PCUG Office Manager with any queries relating to Volunteering.

Please include a link to [[Category:Activities and Opportunities]] at the bottom of any page you create in this area.

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