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This page provides information PCUG Activities and Opportunities for Participation.
All PCUG activities are supported by Volunteer time, skill, willingness and enthusiasm.
Please browse through some of the varied activities listed below for information about the activities themselves, and descriptions of the volunteer roles that support those activities.

About Volunteering

This area is overviews information relevant to Volunteering, such as ....

Current Activities

  • scheduling of volunteer related activities of PCUG (including, but not limited those listed below) may be viewed on the PCUG Calendar
  • Specifics of Training Courses

Opportunities for Participation

This section provides a general description of varied volunteer opportunities available to PCUG members.
Anyone who has had experience in any role is invited to place a description of that role.
Anyone who would like to try a role is welcome to contact us for more information.

Registering Your Skills

  • Until more formal information is placed here, please contact the PCUG Office Manager with any queries relating to Volunteering.

Please include a link to [[Category:Activities and Opportunities]] at the bottom of any page you create in this area.

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