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This page provides information about the groups activities and opportunities for participation.

Volunteer Role Descriptions

gives a general description of varied volunteer opportunities available to PCUG members.
Anyone who has had experience in any role is invited to place a description of that role.

Categories include:

Committee Role Descriptions

  • Main PCUG Committee
  • Sub-Committees
    • Executive
    • ISSC
    • Website
    • PCUG Centre

Help & Assistance

  • support to assist members by phone, email, home visit
  • technical assistance for home equipment or internet service
  • referral to the appropriate help by matching members skills to needs

LAN & Centre Equipment Maintenance Role Descriptions

  • Maintenance of the LAN & Centre Computer Equipment

Office Role Descriptions

  • Communication Administration support manning the desk for managing member enquiries by in person, or by phone; and e-help
  • Background Administration support, such as data entry, filing
  • A Supervisory role of the Centre itself so members may use the facilities of the centre
  • Maintenance of member amenities, including refreshements
  • Centre Cleaning & Maintenance

SIGs and Meetings Role Descriptions

  • SIGs Coordinator
  • Main Monthly Meeting Coordinator

TIP Administration Role Descriptions

Training & Media Room Role Descriptions

  • Training & Media Bookings Coordinator
  • Trainer
  • Training Assistant

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