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[[Category:Technical Info]]
[[Category:Technical Info]]

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Collected here are suggestions for Android apps that some of our members have found useful, so perhaps you will to. All of these are available from the official Google Play Store unless noted otherwise.

For General Users

  • Aldiko - highly recommended e-book reader (free) -- Lawrie / Aug 2012
  • Barcode Scanner - scan bar codes and QR codes (free) -- Lawrie / Aug 2012
  • FBReader - another lean, fast, highly customizable, e-book reader. Also available for many other platforms, see www.fbreader.org (free) -- Lawrie / Aug 2012
  • GPS Status - shows current status when you enable GPS (free) -- Lawrie / Aug 2012
  • LBE Privacy Guard - network monitor and firewall for android (nb. provides basic network monitoring on standard devices, requires jailbreak to provide advanced firewall features) (free) -- Lawrie / Aug 2012
  • OruxMaps - a really nice map navigation app that works with both online network accessed, and offline cached maps, eg. for bushwalking. Use in conjunction with Mobac (free) -- Lawrie / Aug 2012

Getting Technical

  • Wifi Analyzer - shows Wi-Fi channels around you to help find a less crowded channel for your wireless router (free) -- Lawrie / Aug 2012

Strictly for Geeks

  • ConnectBot - ssh client to provide a secure remote terminal connections to other computers (free) -- Lawrie / Aug 2012
  • OS Monitor - system monitoring tools like top, vmstat, netstat for your device (free) -- Lawrie / Aug 2012