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Calligra is a free, office suite. Homepage

Its main advantage compared with LibreOffice/OpenOffice is smaller packages, which might run better on older/lower-spec hardware.

Its native document format is ODF and it can import/export a range of documents as well

  • PDF
  • DOC(x)
  • XLS(x)
  • PPT(x)
  • various graphics formats
  • as well as some older formats

For General Users

The Windows version is experimental and not suitable for general users. Stable versions of the following are suitable alternatives

Calligra is based on KDE desktop. Installation to other desktops is possible, requiring that approximately 80 MB of additional dependencies be downloaded

It is available in most major Linux distributions - most reliable way to install it would be via the distributions software manager.

  • the version for KDE 4 is stable and perhaps the best choice for new users
  • a compilation for Frameworks 5 is available but not completely stable and not recommended for viewing/editing important documents, at this juncture
    • the Stage and Words modules are fairly usable
    • Kexi and Sheets are usable for only simple databases and spreadsheets respectively


A disadvantage, compared with LibreOffice and OpenOffice is that Help menu might not work. Help can be accessed from a separate web page: from which PDF versions can also be downloaded