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For General Users

The relative advantages of a separate gateway/router are discussed at Firewall_Software

A packaged commercial uint is the most suitable option for most people

  • ADSL modem/router for ADSL users
  • "broadband" roiuter for other connection types
    • as of 2012, a commercial router for dial-up connections appears to be unavailable
    • dial-up users having intermediate skills could consider a DIY unit - see "Getting Technical" below


  • generally regarded as "abandon-ware" by manufacturers - typically
    • firmware updates are not announced
    • only a few updates provided
    • for about three years only
  • firewalling functions eg SPI, often default to DISABLED
    • apparently to ensure that it "just works"
    • ensure that these functions are re-configured to ENABLED


  1. A commerical uint that overcomes the above disadvantages at a price is the FritzBox
  2. A much lower pirced unit is the DLink DIR-615
    • this is a broadband router only (no modem)

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