Emergency Boot - Including for Dual-Boot

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For General Users

Boot Only Rescue CD

The following CD can often succeed in booting a system which is failing to start from hard disk drive

  • rEFInd
  • Supergrub 1.98

Either can boot most operating systems, including Linux, MacOSX and Windows

Try rEFInd for systems manufactured from early 2011 onwards. If it does not start on your computer then try Supergrub 1.98 Older computers are likely to require Supergrub 1.98

  1. Either CD is downloadable, at no cost, as a dotISO file.
  2. Use the following procedure to burn that file to a bootable CD
  3. Then insert the CD in the faulty computer and reboot
  4. enter Setup and move CDROM above HDD in the boot order, if necessary
  5. save changes and exit Setup
  6. after the CD boots menu items can be selected only via arrow keys - mouse does not work at this stage of boot
    • rEFInd should find all bootable operating systems and present an icon that is readily associated with each eg penguin, apple, flying windows
      • highlight the required one and press enter
    • Supergrub requires an additional step
      • select the first menu line and press Enter
      • it should then identify all bootable operating systems, by name
      • highlight the required one and press enter

Systems that don't boot via the above procedures can often still be recovered, but it gets technical. As described below

Getting Technical