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Is concerned with:

  • support to assist members by phone, email, home visit
  • technical assistance for home equipment or internet service
  • referral to the appropriate help by matching members skills to needs

An overview of general help procedures are outlined on the main PCUG site's Help and Advice page, in support of "Users Helping Users"
These procedures are supported by members who have skill, and a willingness share that skill.

Help Email Group

  • this email list receives technical help queries from members
  • the list is monitored by members with a variety of skills, whose collective knowledge is efficient in achieving resolution of the issue.
  • interested members may subscribe to the list

Home Installation

  • is the provision of techical support in the home via arrangement after other avenues of support have been exhausted.

Referral to Members who have that skill

  • Members are invited to register skills they possess with the PCUG Office.
  • Details of contact restrictions, etc are recorded and used per the pre-advised preferences of the member.