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For General Users

Getting Technical


rsnapshot for Linux etc

rsnapshot is tested on many UNIX-like OS

  1. The philosophy behind rsnapshot is tha backups happen regularly and reliably only if fully automated
    • rsnapshot handles the "how, what & where"
    • cron handles the "when"
  2. but wait, there's more
    • speed & space efficiency approach that of incremental backups
    • restores files as easily as from stand-alone backup
  3. best installed from your Operating System's media/repositories - alternatively
  4. essential - read their HOWTO
rsnapshot for MacOSX
  • might be available for later versions - see:

rnapshot for Windows
  • probably not feasible
    • because Windows filesystems do not provide the required functions
  • cwRsync goes part way

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Strictly for Geeks

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