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Welcome to the PCUG Information Wiki

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Members Informing Members

This wiki provides a place where PCUG members can share information with each other, in categories as shown below. You can use the Search box on the left hand side to find information; browse the site using the links below; or view the index of all pages. General information on the PCUG may be found on the main PCUG website. Please note that a different skin is used when this wiki is viewed from a mobile device.

This PCUG Information Wiki can be edited by any PCUG member using their normal PCUG/TIP username and password to login. For guidance on doing this, please see our pages About this Wiki, Getting Started Editing Wiki Pages, and the links in the navigation Help page.

News and Notices

Includes details of various PCUG and TIP notices

Activities and Opportunities

Includes information about the groups activities and opportunities for participation, including Training Courses, SIG Information, Volunteering opportunities, descriptions and more.


Includes various newsletters received from affiliated organisations and other sources

Technical Info

Includes a wide variety of technical IT related hints, help guides, howtos and tips, contributed by members on a range of IT related topics of interest.

Please note that information related specifically to accessing and using the PCUG's 'The Internet Project' (TIP) ISP Services are provided on the TIP Wiki