Mistakes to Avoid

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Changing Operating System involves a learning curve and might not be quick. Many people trying Linux abandon the attempt, following inadequate investigation. Avoid the following, common mistakes:

  1. Expecting a Windows/iOS experience, when the general look & feel might be similar but the different paradigm in Linux results in :
    • "drivers" being generally inbuilt and installed automatically
    • antivirus software not being required
    • frequent, but not automatic updates
  2. Changing Distribution, when a different Desktop Environment would be better
  3. many distributions have a choice of Desktop Enviroments, whilst being similar "under the hood"
  4. Installing too Soon
    • live DVD are generally free and do not time-expire
    • evaluate at least two Desktop Environments
      • from the same distribtion, to get the best comparison
    • evaluate at least two Distributions
      • staying with one Desktop Environment, to get the best comparison