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Finding Help Information

Some guidance on searching for information beyond that provided in our Getting_Started_Editing_Wiki_Pages.

On our (PCUG) wiki's look at:

Otherswise, look at:

Moving/Renaming Pages

Moving (renaming) a page means giving it another name, and is done by using the "move" tab. This renames the page, but also moves it's editing history, and leaves behind a redirect on the old page, so that links (which are not automatically changed) do not break.

See Mediawiki Help Moving a page, and Mediawiki Help Redirects.

Deleting Pages

Is not recommended as against wiki philosophy of sharing information. Rather, simply use the #Moving/Renaming Pages capability.

However, if there is a really good reason to delete a page, then one of the wiki sysops can do this. You need to contact the website committee to request this.