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Finding Help Information

Some guidance on searching for information beyond that provided in our Getting_Started_Editing_Wiki_Pages.

On our (PCUG) wiki's look at:

  • the navigation Help page which contains a variety of useful links
  • the Editing help page, which may be accessed via the link at the bottom when editing any wiki page

Otherswise, look at:

Page and Change History

To access the history of who has made changes to any wiki page, just select the "History" tab on the top of any page.

Or you can use the navigation Recent changes link to see who has changed any of the wiki pages recently.

Moving/Renaming Pages

Moving (renaming) a page means giving it another name, and is done by using the "move" tab. This renames the page, but also moves it's editing history, and leaves behind a redirect on the old page, so that links (which are not automatically changed) do not break.

See Mediawiki Help Moving a page, and Mediawiki Help Redirects.

Deleting Pages

Is not recommended as against wiki philosophy of sharing information. Rather, simply use the #Moving/Renaming Pages capability.

However, if there is a really good reason to delete a page, then one of the wiki sysops can do this. You need to contact the website committee to request this.