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This page contains News and Notices relating to PCUG.
nb. You are now reading information on the PCUG Information - Members Informing Members - Wiki.
Other information is provided on the main PCUG website.

PCUG Annual General Meeting

Item Date 01 September 2012

  • The 2012 PCUG AGM is scheduled for Wednesday 24 October 2012, at 6.30pm for a 7.00pm start
  • The venue is the Grant Cameron Community Centre Conference Room, 27 Mulley Street HOLDER ACT 2611
  • Full details available from [the PCUG website AGM Info page]
  • Please note that the closure date for committee nominations is Thursday 18 October, 2012, 2pm (COB for the PCUG Office).
  • The PCUG Volunteer of the Year for 2012 will be announced at this time.
  • A presentation will also follow the AGM (topic TBA)

PCUG Office Hours

Item Date 21 August 2012

  • The PCUG Office Manager's core days at the Office are Monday, Wednesday & Friday.
  • The Office is staffed by Volunteers other weekdays.
  • Please note that due to low activity on weekends, the week-end office arrangements are under review, with Sunday staffing arrangements on hold until further notice.
  • Phone messages are monitored by the office team, with arrangements in place for ongoing monitoring during public holiday periods.
  • For general assistance advice, please see the HELP information page on the PCUG website [1]

PCUG Training Room - available for use by members, member groups or External hire (NP Orgs)

Item Date 21 August 2012

  • The PCUG Training room is refurbished with Windows7 Operating system. Training room hire is an under-utilized facility available to PCUG members and NP groups, or commercial hire.
  • Word of mouth has resulted in several hires this year. Help spread the word. See our training information page [2] for information.

TIP Equipment Move Completed

'Item Updated: 20 Aug, 2012'

  • As announced to all members by email, the TIP admins have moved all our equipment to a new (cheaper) location in a different TransACT server room, and have restored all services. We had most, including broadband Internet access and mail & web services, back up Sat afternoon, 18 Aug 2012. Unfortunately, dialup services were not restored until 8:30am Mon 20 Aug when TransACT reconnected the phone lines to our new location. We apologise for this delay, which was beyond our control, and thankyou again for your understanding.

PCUG Information Wiki Announced

'Item Date 8 Aug, 2012'
We are pleased to announce the release of the new PCUG Information Wiki, which now hosts this News and Notices page, and provides a place where PCUG members can share information with each other. We very much encourage your participation in the growth of this site!

PCUG Website volunteers

'Item Date 20 July, 2012'
The main PCUG website is administered using Wordpress. The site is in need of additional volunteer input to support. Please contact the PCUG Office Manager if interested, or for further information.

PCUG Volunteer Job Description

Item Date: 18 July 2012
To make it easier for potential volunteers to know what's involved, we are seeking input to job descriptions of activities supported by volunteers within PCUG. We welcome input from anyone who is or has supported any role, for this information to be incorporated into the PCUG website Volunteer area. Feedback to Karen (PCUG Office Manager)[3]

Stay Smart Online

Item Date 23June2012
The Australian Government's Cybersecurity Website [4] provides information for Australian internet users on the simple steps they can take to protect their personal and financial information online. Full information, including subscription to newsletters, on their website.


Item Date 23June2012
who are a free and fair dispute resolution service for small business and residential customers who have a complaint about their telephone or internet service in Australia. See their website for full information.

Welcome New PCUG Members

Item Date 23June2012
Welcome Roger Quarterman (Treasurer), Peter Pan (Assistant Treasurer) and Paul Richter (Committee Member).
Full committee details may be viewed by members on the PCUG Home page (after logging into the site) [6] under the Administration Tab.

PCUG on Facebook

'Item Date 01June2012
When we ask new members how they heard about our group, it is often by word of mouth. Help spread the word about PCUG. Like our Facebook page [7]. This page also needs willing administrators. Contact the office for information or feedback.

PCUG Committee - Volunteers needed to fill key vacancies

Item Date 28May2012
The PCUG Committee is in need of Volunteers. The committee acts to represent your interests in the management of club activities and other requirements as outlined in our Constitution. 3 Executive Positions are now vacant, with several general committee spots also available. Meetings are held once a month, and discussion of matters is otherwise by email. The PCUG cannot function with-out an active and viable committee. Please contact the PCUG Committee [8] or Office Manager [9] with expressions of interest.

E-waste Recycling Information

Item Date 02May2012
For the information about recycling of computer equipment.
"Chief Minister Gallagher has announced that the days of paying through the nose to dispose of a television are at an end ..."


Item Date 01May2012
An all-member email was recently circulated early 2012 "YOUR PCUG NEEDS YOU" outlining the need for Volunteers.
Thank you to those who have responded, as we work to connect valued time and/or skills with support areas in PCUG. Please contact the PCUG Office Manager [10] to discuss any aspect of this further.
Our motto is USERS HELPING USERS. Information sharing is the backbone of our success. Share and learn. Contributions to the group can be of any scale. Expertise, as required, is sought out. There is alot our group can achieve with shared effort. More information available on the PCUG website [11]

Older News and Notices

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