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relating to the PCUG.
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PCUG Volunteer of the Year for 2013

Item Date 19 November, 2013

Office Manager Position

Item Revised: 19 November, 2013

  • PCUG's Office Manager, Karen Adams, is happy to announce that she is staying on as Office Manager for PCUG. The Notice of Resignation has been withdrawn, and accepted by the PCUG Committee. Karen has been employed with PCUG since May 2005, and it was gratifying for Karen to have the support and well wishes of so many members. I thank everyone, particularly the PCUG Office Volunteers, Trainers and Committee for their assistance.

PCUG Christmas Party - Sat 30 November, 2013 11am - 2.30pm

Item Date 19 November, 2013

  • at the PCUG Centre, in Holder.
  • Light refreshments (including non-alcholic drinks), will be provided.
  • Your assistance to bring a plate, or contribute a gold coin donation will be appreciated.
  • BYOG.
  • See you there !!!

TIP Equipment Move Completed

Item Updated: 20 Aug, 2012

  • As announced to all members by email, the TIP admins have moved all our equipment to a new (cheaper) location in a different TransACT server room, and have restored all services. We had most, including broadband Internet access and mail & web services, back up Sat afternoon, 18 Aug 2012. Unfortunately, dialup services were not restored until 8:30am Mon 20 Aug when TransACT reconnected the phone lines to our new location. We apologise for this delay, which was beyond our control, and thankyou again for your understanding.