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relating to the PCUG.
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PCUG Christmas Party - Sat 30 November, 2013 11am - 2.30pm

Item Date 19 November, 2013

  • at the PCUG Centre, in Holder.
  • Light refreshments (including non-alcholic drinks), will be provided.
  • Your assistance to bring a plate, or contribute a gold coin donation will be appreciated.
  • BYOG.
  • See you there !!!

TIP Equipment Move Completed

Item Updated: 20 Aug, 2012

  • As announced to all members by email, the TIP admins have moved all our equipment to a new (cheaper) location in a different TransACT server room, and have restored all services. We had most, including broadband Internet access and mail & web services, back up Sat afternoon, 18 Aug 2012. Unfortunately, dialup services were not restored until 8:30am Mon 20 Aug when TransACT reconnected the phone lines to our new location. We apologise for this delay, which was beyond our control, and thankyou again for your understanding.