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Newsletters from the ''[http://www.ascca.org.au Australian Seniors Computer Clubs Association]'':
Newsletters from the ''[http://www.ascca.org.au Australian Seniors Computer Clubs Association]'':
; 2012
; 2012
: [https://www.tip.net.au/pcug/members/newsletters/ASCCA/ASCCA_Feb12.pdf Feb], [https://www.tip.net.au/pcug/members/newsletters/ASCCA/ASCCA_Mar12.pdf Mar], [https://www.tip.net.au/pcug/members/newsletters/ASCCA/ASCCA_May12.pdf May], [https://www.tip.net.au/pcug/members/newsletters/ASCCA/ASCCA_Jun12.pdf Jun], [https://www.tip.net.au/pcug/members/newsletters/ASCCA/ASCCA_Jul12.pdf Jul], [https://www.tip.net.au/pcug/members/newsletters/ASCCA/ASCCA_Aug12.pdf Aug].
: [https://www.tip.net.au/pcug/members/newsletters/ASCCA/ASCCA_Feb12.pdf Feb], [https://www.tip.net.au/pcug/members/newsletters/ASCCA/ASCCA_Mar12.pdf Mar], [https://www.tip.net.au/pcug/members/newsletters/ASCCA/ASCCA_May12.pdf May], [https://www.tip.net.au/pcug/members/newsletters/ASCCA/ASCCA_Jun12.pdf Jun], [https://www.tip.net.au/pcug/members/newsletters/ASCCA/ASCCA_Jul12.pdf Jul], [https://www.tip.net.au/pcug/members/newsletters/ASCCA/ASCCA_Aug12.pdf Aug],
[https://www.tip.net.au/pcug/members/newsletters/ASCCA/ASCCA_Sept12.pdf Sept].
== [http://www.connectingup.org Connecting Up/DonorTec] ==
== [http://www.connectingup.org Connecting Up/DonorTec] ==

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This page is provided to link to various newsletters received from affiliated organisations and other sources.

Please note that many of these newsletters are stored in the secure members area on our web server, and you will be asked to login there to access these.


Newsletters from the (American based) Association of Personal Computer User Groups:

APCUG Reports: Q1, Q2
NOOZ: Jul, Aug.
NOOZ: Sep, Dec.


Newsletters from the Australian Seniors Computer Clubs Association:

Feb, Mar, May, Jun, Jul, Aug,


Connecting Up/DonorTec

Connecting Up is a not-for-profit organisation that works to unleash the power of not-for-profits in Australia and New Zealand. DonorTec provides donated and discounted technology products and services from companies such as Microsoft, Cisco, Symantec, Sophos and Kaspersky to eligible income tax exempt (ITE) Australian nonprofit groups. Through this program your nonprofit can access the latest products. See their website for further details.

Hobart Computer Users Group

Their latest newsletter is available online at http://newsletter.hobartpcgroup.org.au

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