PCUG Training Room - Notes for Presenters

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Please do not alter these notes unless you are a PCUG Trainer or Technical Volunteer. The notes are provided as a Quick Start Guide to Presenters, some of whom might be using the projector for the first time

General guidance for using projectors/multiple displays on computers are at



Primary connection is now via HDMI

  • the 3-way HDMI switch defaults to the only powered port
    • normally either Trainer PC or Presenter's device
    • up to 2 Presenter's devices can be attached simultaneously and switched via the button on top of the switch

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The projector also supports VGA

  • the VGA switch used is not automatic
    1. connect a "flying" VGA cable to your computer
    2. ensure that the purple VGA switch is set to the same cable number
      • press button in middle of switch until relevant red LED iights
      • press INPUT button on prjector remote