PCUG Training and Media Rooms

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Training Bookings Coordinator

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Trainer Assistant

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Media Room

Training Room

see Equipment section, above, for more technical detail of the equipment resources


  1. available for use by all Trainers & Presenters
    • modern, wide-screen DLP unit, mounted overhead
  2. accepts input from Computers/Laptops, VCR, PVR, USB sticks
  3. older, contingency, projector held


  1. identical units
    • 1 for trainer/presenter
    • 11 for students, plus 12th spare (held in store room)
    • run Windows 7, including XP Virtual Machine, well
    • 17" LCD monitors (not wide-screen)
    • internal DVD+-RW drives

Internet Access

  1. wired access enabled from all computers
  2. wireless access, for other devices, can be enabled, on request
  3. wired & WiFi networks protected by Firewall

Wireless Sound

  • provides "mcro PA" for Trainer/Presenter


  • network mono laser (located in main office) accessible


  • basic, USB desktop scanners can be deployed, on request

--Rpeters08:17, 25 August 2012 (EST)