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Scams, especially via email, bit also via social media, are an ongoing problem. Everyone needs to exercise a degree of wariness,

PCUG clearly state that we will never ask you for sensitive details (login, passwords, etc) via email. If there is ever a problem with your account, we will ask you to ring or drop-in at the PCUG Centre to resolve it, where both we and you, can confirm who you are working with.

More generally, most reputatable organisations have similar policies, of never requesting sensitive information to be supplied electronically, as it is just too easy for spammers to forge such messages.

This is simply good basic Internet practise.

I regret to say that a few of our members have fallen for such scams previously. As a result, their accounts were used to send many thousands more SPAM emails, which resulted at the time of PCUG being placed on blacklists, thus blocking some email delivery for all users when this occurs. So please exercise caution as carelessness by one member can inconvenience and disrupt usage for all!

More Information

For info on how to avoid being caught by scams, see:

Scam Warnings

Scams Targetting PCUG Members Specifically

We note here some recently seen scam emails that use PCUG's name and/or address in them. As stated above, these should be obviously noted as scams, since we will never ask you for this type of information by email.

SCAM - Jul 2013 - Your mailbox is nearly over its size limit

The following scam is being sent to members circa July 2013. Note the actual reply email address is in Thailand despite what the "text" name says!

 From: []
 Subject: Your mailbox is nearly over its size limit
 Your mailbox has exceeded one or more size limits set by your administrator,
 we have decided to run a database clean-up and refresh your mailbox.
 please provide the below credentials :
 Email Address:
 Username :
 Confirm Password:
 System Administrator

See Also

  • Spam - for details on spam messages, which are often used in scams