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A common question asked by those new (and not so new) to Linux is what Firewall/anti-virus/anti-spyware is needed.

  1. a Firewall is essential with any networked computer
    • most Linux install and enable an SPI firewall by default
      • if "lsmod" includes "IPTables" in its listing then a firewall is enabled
    • an SPI firewall in a router is also advisable
      • NB - many routers default this to "DISABLED" - be certain to enable it.
    • having both firewalls enabled simultaneously is unlikely to cause problems
  2. anti-virus is completely unnecessary with Linux
    • don't be ripped-off for it
  3. anti-spyware in Linux relies on an informed user

--Rod (talk) 16:57, 15 January 2015 (AEDT) --