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Here is a definition of "spam". The term "spam" covers many different unsolicitied communications.

Be suspicious of e-mails that arrive:-

  1. Without a subject;
  2. From a sender you do not know or recognize;
  3. Offering something too good (even a $20 or $50 for a survey) to be true;
  4. Without greeting you by name;
  5. Having a attachment;
  6. Containing a link and when you hover over it with a mouse it does not display a trustworthy webpage.

Sites you can visit to find out more about "spam". are:-

For financial scams - ASIC

SCAMwatch Home Page- ACCC

To report a scam to the ACCC

Internet Fraud & scams – AFP

Wikipedia’s list of frauds/scams

Wikipedia’s list of e-mail scams