The Internet Project (TIP) Administration

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TIP administrators provide specialized systems administration support for The Internet Project (TIP) ISP services.

All TIP admins need to be familiar with the operation and management of the (debian) linux server systems we use, which are hosted in a server room at TransACT House. They should be comfortable with using the unix command-line and with scripting in languages such as perl, php etc.

Particular areas of support include:

  • accounting (using our own 'home-grown' account management s/w tied to LDAP & radius authentication & authorization servers)
  • Backup of files & databases across our servers using rsync
  • DNS (bind) & network configuration
  • Mail (postfix, dovecot) services
  • Systems management & update
  • System security
  • Web (apache) and MySQL database services
  • assorted other server config & management, incl. IRC, News, NTP, SSHD