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General Overview Information regarding Training Facilities and Courses

Expressions of Interest

  • We welcome expressions of interest from Trainers wishing to run courses, and Participants seeking courses.
  • Please contact the PCUG Training Coordinator via the contact form, or phone the PCUG Office on 6287 2922 for either/or; OR
  • Use the Training Course Booking Formto lodge expressions of interest, whether advertised or otherwise.

Placing Bookings and Enquiries

  • All enquires may be emailed to PCUG Training Coordinator via the contact form, or phone the PCUG Office on 6287 2922
  • Use the Training Course Booking Formto apply for a course or lodge an expression of interest.
  • Please provide PCUG membership status and details, email address and contact phone number in any enquiry.
  • All applications will be confirmed by the PCUG Office Manager, ASAP on receipt.

Course Fees

  • Course fees advertised are applicable to the current advertised course only, and may vary for future courses.
  • An admin levy of up to $40 is applicable to non-PCUG members attending PCUG courses (variable per individual course).
  • If the non-member course participant wishes to apply for PCUG membership, and does so within 3 months of the course start date, the applicant may apply for a $20 discount off the current PCUG subscription.

Courses for 2014

SCANNING SLIDES - Equipment Orientation

  • This is an orientation to use of scanning equipment in the PCUG media room. There is NO FEE, as it is not classed as a course.
  • One of the facilities that we have at the office is a media room that includes equipment for scanning 35 mm slides. So if you are one of those people who has a great collection of colour slides going back for many years (and which you seldom if ever now look at) you might like to digitise them. This is a great way to review, sort, edit and generally make your collection more accessible and

meaningful. It also means that there is an opportunity to correct the fading and the change in colour balance that will have occurred with old slides.

  • The equipment and the software performs much better than some of the low cost scanners that are available on the market. When you have got the hang of the system you can plough through a big batch at the rate of about 1 minute per slide. There are a few little quirks to sort out, but they are easily explained.
  • If you are interested please email we will organise an introductory session, with a maximum of 2 participants per group (due to the size of the room), lasting approximately one hour.
  • Sessions have been scheduled for the following dates, with more added as necessary:

- Wednesday 27 August, 2014 at 2pm
- Monday 1 September, 2014 at 2pm

EXCEL - Introduction to Spreadsheets (using Microsoft Excel 2007)

  • Course Title: Introduction to Spreadsheets
  • Description & Requirements:
    • A training course introducing participants to spreadsheets using Microsoft Excel (2007). Basic familiarity with Windows and Microsoft Office screens helpful but not essential. No previous knowledge of spreadsheets required. Prepare to be surprised at the variety of things you can do with a spreadsheet!!
    • Spreadsheets are very powerful, versatile and widely use software, that can make it easy to manage all sorts of problems from pre- school arithmetic to highly sophisticated financial or statistical analysis. This course will start at the simplest level looking at how to manage your spreadsheet to make it work for you like an ordinary piece of paper (but better!), and progress to finding out how to use the spreadsheet to simplify some everyday tasks like planning a holiday itinerary or working out which is the best dog food to buy.
    • There will be six sessions of two hours with some flexible time at the end available for discussion. Because of the public holidays there will be a two week gap in the middle. Class members are invited to bring forward their own projects for the group to work on together. The course prerequisite is that you should have completed the PCUG Absolute Beginners Course or attained an equivalent level of familiarity with a computer.
  • Trainer: Roger Quarterman
  • When: Held over 6 sessions
    • Session 1: Mon 01 September 2014 5.30-7.30pm
    • Session 2: Mon 08 September 2014 5.30-7.30pm
    • Session 3: Mon 15 September 2014 5.30-7.30pm
    • Session 4: Mon 22 September 2014 5.30-7.30pm
    • NO CLASSES 29 September & 6 October
    • Session 5: Mon 13 October 2014 5.30-7.30pm
    • Session 6: Mon 20 October 2014 5.30-7.30pm
  • Where: PCUG Training Room, 27 Mulley St Holder.
  • Fee: $80 for PCUG members | $120 for non-PCUG members
  • Places: up to 10
  • Applications & Enquiries: Email PCUG Training Coordinatoror phone the PCUG Office on 6287 2922.

WORD - Introduction to Word (using Microsoft Word 2007)

  • Expressions of Interest currently being accepted
  • Scheduled: Mon 3, 10, 17, & 24 November 2014 09.45am-12.15pm
  • About: A four week course will introduce participants to creating and editing documents using Microsoft Word. Prior experience using this product is not necessary. Prerequisites are basic keyboard and mouse skills. The course is basic use of MS Word, e.g. creating a document, saving it, use of directories/folders, formatting (fonts, bold, underline, alignment, etc.) editing (cut and paste, etc.). If anyone has a specific request this can be considered. Depending on the level of knowledge and group progress, the class could touch on more advanced topics.
  • Equipment: Students should bring a USB stick to save work to that, as there may be exercises to practise between lessons.
  • Trainer: Anne Meade (with assistance depending on class enrolment numbers)
  • Places: up to 10.
  • Course fee: $100 (or $60 for PCUG members)
  • Applications and Expression of Interest: by email to (preferred) or phone the PCUG Office on 6287 2922.
    Full guide to bookings and enquiries is outlined at the top of this page

ABC - Absolute Beginners Computing

  • About:
    • This course is designed for absolute beginners who are just starting out or those who never learnt the basics - but who DO have home internet, Windows 7, and access to email.
      Sessions are based on the Windows 7 operating system, and held in the PCUG Training Centre with experienced volunteer trainers.
      Topics include learning your way around the computer, Internet basics and Email. Each session is paced for beginners, with revision, take-home notes and practice exercises.
 The need for this type of course is very popular, and reaching those who would
 benefit happens largely by word of mouth. Do you know some-one who would benefit?
 As different people have varied needs, other groups are being formulated for
 example, for people who do not yet have a computer, or internet or email, we are
 planning on a modified version of the above training. All enquiries welcome.
  • Bookings and Expressions of Interest:
    • Expressions of Interest are now being taken and may be lodged with the PCUG Training Coordinator or call the PCUG Office and request an email to lodged on your behalf.
    • Full details of enrolment information may be viewed at the of this page.
  • Brochure:
  • Trainer: Eleanor Whelan (and a team of experienced PCUG trainer assistants)
  • Session Information:
    • All sessions will be held on the relevant Wednesday (see below) from 09.45am-12.15pm, and include a break for morning tea.
    • Session 1: Wed 22 October 2014
    • Session 2: Wed 29 October 2014
    • Session 3: Wed 05 November 2014
    • Session 4: Wed 12 November 2014
    • Session 5: Wed 19 November 2014
    • Session 6: Wed 26 November 2014
  • Participants: Limit 10 Application open as detailed in FEE information
  • Venue: PCUG, Level 2A, Grant Cameron Community Centre, 27 Mulley St, Holder
  • Fee: $60 for members, $80 for non-members (includes morning tea, documentation and completion certificate).

Other Courses (but not limited to ...)

  • dates pending for next sessions, to be advised
  • NB: These and other courses listed here are scheduled pending demand & trainer availability,
  • Expressions of interest may be lodged at any time by emailing, or contacting the PCUG office on 6287 2922
  • Are you wanting a course, or demonstration, or session on a subject not listed? Please let us know.

ACCESS - Introduction to Databases (using Microsoft Access 2007)

  • Expressions of Interest being accepted currently
  • Scheduled: Last held Wed 9, 16, 23, & 30 April 2014 10am-1200pm (midday)
  • About: A four week course will introduce participants to the design of a database system. Content to be covered will be the creation of tables to hold the data, queries to filter and sort data, forms to input and edit data and generating reports. Prior experience is not necessary. Pre-requisites are basic keyboard and mouse skills.
  • Trainer: Peter Barker
  • Places: 5 (further places up to 8 may be considered if there is an assistant available to the course).
  • Course fee: $100 (or $60 for PCUG members)
  • Applications and Expression of Interest: by email to or phone the PCUG Office on 6287 2922. Full guide to bookings and enquiries is outlined at the top of this page

EXCEL - Using Macros and VBA

  • Course Title: EXCEL - Using Macros and VBA in Excel
  • Description & Requirements: A training course in creating, modifying and using macros and visual Basic in Excel. Participants should be competent in using common features in Excel but no prior experience is required with macros and/or Visual Basic.
  • When: Expressions of Interest being accepted currently
    The course will be conducted over 3 (three) consecutive sessions
    • Wed 7 May 2014 1000am and 1230 pm; and
    • Wed 14 May 2014 1000am and 1230 pm; and
    • Wed 21 May 2014 1000am and 1230 pm.
  • Where: PCUG Training Room, 27 Mulley St Holder.
  • Fee: $85 (or $45 for PCUG members)
  • Places: CAPPED AT 6
  • Expressions of Interest & Applications: Follow the Expression of Interest information outlined at the of this page Email PCUG Training Coordinatoror phone the PCUG Office on 6287 2922.

Wiki Editing

  • ABOUT: A lot of PCUG information is now delivered using a wiki interface. Editing Wikis is not as daunting as it seems, and we are seeking to encourage members to share information via this tool where-ever possible. Our secretary, and TIP admin, Lawrie Brown will step participants through the process of placing information on a wiki by editing and creating pages, and formatting their content. He will use the reference guide pages he created. This will be a hands on session, with plenty of time for you to explore the content creation and formatting process. If at all possible, please bring some plain text content that you'd like to contribute to one of our wikis on a USB drive. You can also bring some images to include in your pages, as we'll also be exploring how to upload and reference images.
    If you are new to contributing to wiki's, please see these guides, which we will work through and discuss during this course: Getting Started Editing Wiki Pages, and More_on_Working_with_Wikis.
  • WHEN: TBA (last session held Wed 26 September, 2012 with Lawrie Brown)
  • WHERE: PCUG Centre, Grant Cameron Community Centre, Holder.
  • PARTICIPANTS: 10 places open to any PCUG member or others interested in learning more about editing wikis.
  • FEE: $20 (PCUG members), $40 (non-members), or Free** (**the fee will be waived for any regular PCUG volunteer who agrees to use this training to further build our information resources)
  • BOOKINGS: to [PCUG Training Bookings] or phone the PCUG Office on 6287 2922. (Further sessions will follow pending demand).