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Subscribers to TransACT's "cable"/Phase 1/VDSL1 service have two Cat 5 network cables run to their premises

  • one services plain old telephone (POTS) only
    • plug in existing telephone handsets
    • can also be used with FAX
  • the second services Internet and optional "WebTV"

Users need to be careful not to plug equipment into the incorrect socket as this has reportedly caused equipment failures.

Note that TransACT are currently (as of 2013/2014) completing their upgrade of areas serviced by VDSL1 to VDSL2.

Changes include much higher data rate capabilities and the discontinued use of one of the two pairs of wires run into your premises. Phone services will then become piggy-backed onto the same pair as used by the data only wiring, in much the same way as ADSL uses the same household wiring for phone & data services.

TransACT might agree to "underground" these cables, at customer expense.


TransACT installers wire a fixed "splitter" at customers premises (usually withing the ceiling space)

  • phone socket usually remains at original location
    • plug in existing telephone handsets
    • can also be used with FAX
  • socket for Internet service is wired at location of customer's preference (if practical)
    • choose location suitable for WiFi coverage, if appliable
    • also choose location from which wired LAN cables could be run in "star" topology


Would conform with NBN practice. See previous section

see for further information

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