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== Pages Being Worked On ==
== Pages Being Worked On ==
* [[Internet Access Alternatives]]
* [[Getting Started Editing Wiki Pages]]
* [[Getting Started Editing Wiki Pages]]
* [[More on Working with Wikis]]
* [[More on Working with Wikis]]
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* [[Android App Recommendations]]
* [[Android App Recommendations]]
* [[Draft Page]]
* [[Draft Page]]
* [[Member Survey 2013]]
== Markup Play Area - Anything Goes! ==
== Markup Play Area - Anything Goes! ==
== Lawrie's PCUG Members Survey Summary ==
=== Multi-choice Questions ===
* membership is valued & promoted by a significant majority
* likely to lose ~38% is close TIP, high, but not as high as feared
* 61% of membership is over 65, essentially no younger members
* ~30% have used centre / courses / SIGs in mid-term, fewer currently; ~35% have never used these; ~30% may use in future
* only 16% likely/will volunteer, need these people to get in touch
* see very mixed opinions about the future of the group
=== Free-text Responses ===
* many indicated they wanted to retain PCUG email/web (as we intend)
* many suggested we embrace a wider range of platforms, esp smartphones & tablets; possibly even to point of changing name
* mixed opinions suggesting that we need to attract younger members for the continued health of the group BUT others warned this was seen to be very problematic, even disasterous for other groups in similar circumstances

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Lawrie Brown is an Australian computer security guru, science fiction fan, mad keen dancer, and lover of the great outdoor landscape.

He is a long term TIP admin, and is also currently secretary of the PCUG.

See his personal homepage for more details.

Pages Being Worked On

Markup Play Area - Anything Goes!

Playing with Tables

Computer Systems