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posted by Mike Cassidy
posted by Mike Cassidy
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This tip is provided by Bob Ecclestone and posted on his behalf.

Bob wrote: It involves Windows 7, IE8 (and IE9 I think) and web based mail browsers.

PROBLEM: Can not open attachments in web based mail clients, including MS Remote Office (I think that is the name, it has been a while).

CAUSE: "Do not save encrypted pages to disk" option is checked in IE Advanced settings. I live on the road fulltime and do all my banking via the net so I have this option set. I am currently using XP Pro SP3 and IE8. This problem does not occur.

FIX: Uncheck "Do not save encrypted pages to disk" option in IE Advanced settings. NOTE: This can be done on a session basis just to download email if required and then reset to enable greater protection for online transactions.

Hope this helps someone. I discovered it in early 2011 and it nearly drove me nuts, our IT support company could not solve it and Microsoft were useless(gasps of surprise!).


posted by Mike Cassidy