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Here are the features I like about the Windows 7 Snipping Tool as detailed in “Windows 7 Bible”. I would be interested if other programs offer any feature that would warrant a change. Otherwise for me, “if on a good thing, stick to it”.

  1. If you have Windows 7 you already have Snipping Tools installed ready to use.
  2. Easy to use. I have put a shortcut icon on my bottom Internet Explorer toolbar and click on it if I want a snapshot of something on my monitor screen. Then
    • Click the arrow on the New button Free Form, Rectangular, Window or Full-Screen Snip for the nature of the snapshot.
    • Specify the area of the screen you want to clip by dragging a rectangle or circle around the area you want to snip for Freeform or Rectangular Snip, click anywhere in the window you want to snip for Window Snip or if you choose Full Screen Snip the entire screen is snipped automatically.
  3. With the snapshot in place, you can use the Pen tool to draw on the picture defining your own pen colour, thickness and tip.
  4. The Highlighter tool to highlight an area in yellow.
  5. The snapshot can be saved as a file with format *.JPG, *.PNG, *. GIF or *.MPH.
  6. Option to Always Copy Snips to the Clipboard allows the snip to be cipied direct into an open document by Ctrl+V.
  7. If you use Windows Live Mail or a similar compatible e-mail client you can email the snip directly from the program as I have done to CnC with this message in response to the recent email from Lindsay Graham on this topic.

-- jeffmeg suggestion 18/Jul/12 --