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Broadband access via TransACT is now available. A web based sign-up form is available. Otherwise, contact the PCUG Office if you want to connect using broadband.

Web based email: TIP now offers a secure web based email service. This can be used to read and write email and manage your mailbox from anywhere on the internet using a web browser. We issue our own security certificate so you will have to accept our certificate to use this service.
Apparently old versions of Internet Explorer (earlier than 5.5) give an error with this link. If this happens to you, try a later version at https://www.tip.net.au/phpost/phpost.php

Domain hosting: TIP now offers a domain hosting service. This means that you can now have http://www.company.com.au and user@company.com.au as your website and email address respectively. Click here for more details.

Survey: Do you wish to keep TIP as your ISP? Is TransACT connecting in your suburb? Do you want broadband Internet connection? If your answer to any of these questions is "yes", then you need to fill out the TransACT survey. You might also like to check the TransACT FAQ.
Script no longer needed: Connecting to TIP no longer requires a script. Owen Cook has written some instructions on Connecting to TIP.
Need help with TIP? You can find lots of useful information in the TIP Help Pages. If you're still having problems using Internet Project facilities, you can try asking the volunteer TIP Help Team using the email address help@tip.net.au.
Dropouts? If you're having connection and/or dropout problems, we suggest you check the TIP Modem Troubleshooting Guide.
TIP Newsgroups: Don't forget to read the tip.announce newsgroup for important announcements regarding TIP, PCUG and AUUG activities.
Also check out tip.training for the latest schedule of PCUG training courses, vacancies, and outlines of courses.
Downtime: TIP users are reminded that the system may be required for system maintenance between midday and 2:00PM every Friday, and that access may not be available at that time.


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