Sixteen Bits Online

APRIL 1996

President's Letter

by Ann Byrne, President

The Canberra Day 'ACT Alive' stand was once again very successful this year, and many thanks for the volunteers who gave up an hour or two to man (or should that be person) the stand. I know I enjoyed my time there talking to the public and catching up with members.

Unfortunately due to work and study committments Roxanne Missingham has had to step down from the Committee, many thanks for your input while with us Roxanne. However this does mean there is now a casual vacancy on the Committee, if you've ever considered standing but not been sure what was involved then now is a great time to put yourself forward for this vacancy, it is five months until the AGM and during that time you can see whats going on and if you would like to stand in September. Please feel free to ring me if you would like further information or to put yourself forward.

Darrell Burkey has bravely stepping and taken over the Editorial ship of the Magazine, many thanks Darrell, but please note that Darrell is only filling in we still need desperately at least one, preferably two people to take over on a permanent basis.

The "Tiger Team" from TIP have been assigned to track down missing mail and the absence of mail for a few days was sorely noticed by me, then lo and behold one fine morning the newsreader gave me a message that mail was back. I went to make a cup of coffee while it was down loading, drank the coffee while it was down loading and read most of War and Peace before it finished down loading. I shall never complain about an empty news reader again! The fix has not been confirmed yet and the team are still looking at other options. The amount of time spent on the system by these volunteers never ceases to amaze me!

We are still looking for some trestles to support two doors, to give us some more table space at the Centre, if you have any lying around or know where they can be purchased cheaply please let us know.

Looking forward to seeing all the brains out there at the Trivia Night.

Summary from the minutes of the February Committee Meeting:

It was agreed that:

Treasurer's Report:

It is noted that Internet Income and Expenditure is still to be transferred to the Internet Account.

Sixteen Bits Online - April 1996