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APRIL 1996

Qool URLs

compiled by Lis Shelley

More useful, fun and just plain qooooool places to visit on the Internet...

Last month we published an URL to help you find your missing socks that was almost, but not quite right - here is the right one (or should that be the left one?!):

Biographies, quotes, photos, theories - you can even order the T-shirt!

A good place to start looking for all kinds of information on the author Terry Pratchett and his books.

This is the ongoing story of Anne Lise Guy, the Australian Yachtswoman who sailed solo from Australia, to South Georgia Island, via the Antarctic Peninsular in 1993/94 in her yacht, Wildflower. Provides an ongoing plot of her current return course from Cape Town, South Africa, to Australia from late January to April 1996.

Albums, books, TV appearances, songs - all you ever wanted to know about Ol' Blue Eyes.

This is a calendar put together by kids from all over the world, explaining the origins of and traditions associated with holidays in their countries. Search by holiday, month or country.


Byron Soulsby writes...
There are some new Web pages concerning the observation of Lunar Eclipses. The two in 1996 will NOT be visible in Australia, but those in 1997 will be. Advise your readers to look at:

Emil Joseph suggests...
Have a look at the Webbies Awards... turn your graphics on and check it out!

Mathew Evans emailed us about...
This is a commercial site for sure; but if you are into woodwork (especially carving) try...

Tip for this month

If you're a budding HTML author (HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language) and want to learn how to make great looking Web pages, use your browser's View Source or View Document function to look at the HTML code behind cool pages that you find on the Web.

This will show you the HTML tags used by the author, and give you some tips and good ideas you can use for your own pages. However, be warned that copying images, content and certain design features may be breaching the author's copyright, so by all means use them for inspiration, but don't plagiarise!

Some pages are generated on-the-fly using cgi (common gateway interface) scripts, and in these cases, you will only see the result of running that script, not the script itself. The scripts draw on information held in flat files or databases, or details entered by you into an online form of some kind, then add pre-defined HTML tags to display the result in your browser.

If you have a favourite URL you'd like to share with us, drop a line to

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