Sixteen Bits Online

MAY 1996

The Internet Clinic

If you have not been out to the centre on a Saturday you might be surprised by all the activity. Even more so during internet clinics which are usually held the first Saturday of each month.

Mike Gellard gives Jim Thornton some TIPs. Run by a fearless group of friendly volunteers, these clinics are for those members who find themselves in the sitaution of not being able to get their hardware/software operational with The Internet Project in spite of reading the documentation and carefully following the instructions provided. They are not intended as an installation service but are happy to assist when all else fails.

So if all else has failed, bundle up all your equipment (cables, leads, modem - everything) and take your computer in for a check up. If these people can not help you then itís probably time to panic.

The volunteers request that you call ahead so everyone doesnít show up at once as there is a limit to how many things they can do at once.

Sixteen Bits Online - May 1996