Sixteen Bits Online

MAY 1996

Quiz Night

by Francine Minjoy

Do you know what sound Noddy's car makes? Where the Great Fire of London started? The only animal, apart from man, that can contract leprosy? Members and guests who attended last month's PCUG Quiz and Trivia Night do.

Participants took on these and other brain-teasers to battle for first prize of a $200 dinner, provided by the PCUG.

The winning table, headed by Eileen Dunstone, scraped in with 67 out of a possible 80, just one point ahead of the Turner table, which included three of last year's winners.

Building on last year's computer acronym competition, the Computer Geek of the Year was introduced. The clear winner was Simon White, who correctly answered 14 of 20 questions to take out this dubious honour. For his efforts, Simon received a copy of the fantastic game Wing Commander IV, kindly do- nated by Bitstorm Computer Games.

Our thanks go to the following businesses who donated prizes for the night.

Craig Gibson and Interact Services, for the very generous donation of the V34 modem won by Cameron Matheson;

Bitstorm Computer Games, for the Wing Commander IV game won by Simon White (yes I know we mentioned them before, but they donate a lot to us, don't they?); and

The Canberra Yacht Club, who did not charge rental for the room and provided the door prize of a dinner for two as well.

The PCUG also provided two member- ships which went to the erudite people (those insufferable smarty-bums) who an- swered the Who Am I? and Where Am I? questions. I'd tell you who they were, but we don't want to encourage that sort of behaviour around here do we? Actually, I'd tell you who they were, but I didn't write their names down.

So went another successful PCUG event. See you all again next year.

Sixteen Bits Online - May 1996