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MAY 1996

Capital Computing

PCUG members hit the airwaves on radio 1RPH

Turning print into sound for the print handicapped is the goal of radio station 1RPH located in Gungahlin.

Station Manager Brian Miller and PCUG member Mike Gellard have come together with volunteers from the PCUG to create a new radio show, Capital Computing.

While many people think of 1RPH as exclusively for the blind it serves the needs of a wide range of people who find it difficult to use the print medium to obtain news and information. These people may be partially visually impaired or have restricted movement in their hands, as an example. Many listeners are computer users and interested in technololgy news.

Mike also suggests that members will find Radio 1RPH interesting to listen to for the convienence of having the print media read aloud.

Radio 1RPH broadcasts on 1125kHz on the AM band and is part of a national network of stations “turning print into sound”. Capital Computing can be heard on Thursdays 10:45am with the show repeated at 9:45pm.

Capital Computing can be reached by email at or by post to the PCUG main address.

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