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JULY 1996

President's Letter

Photo of Ann Byrneby Ann Byrne, President

Last month’s main meeting, Kids on the Internet, was most enlightening and entertaining, I certainly enjoyed the panel session and hope the group can hold more of these types of meetings in the future.

The Committee has moved one step further to moving the group to new premises in Belconnen, while costing more (what doesn’t) we will at last have decent heating and air-conditioning, a luxury long overdue for our Centre Staffers and SIGs.

I hope to be able give more details and moving schedules in next month’s Sixteen Bits.

Talking of next month’s Sixteen Bits, it will include a nomination form for the 1996/97 Committee. In the words of a famous advertisement, “please consider”.

While considering, bear in mind that the Committee conducts a lot of business between meetings via email, it is very important that you have access to this to keep up with what’s happening and have input to discussion. Email is available through basic access so can be obtained at no cost to you.

We try to divide the workload of the Committee equally so most members can be seen wearing several hats, someone once said “that being on the Committee means you have to attend one meeting a month”. I wish...but a cohesive and productive team make the job easier for everyone.

Matters from the May Committee Meeting

Treasurer’s Report
Income for May 1996 $ 37,376.10
Expenditure for May 1996 $ 17,888.47
Balance at Bank 31 May 96 $ 101,126.98

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