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JULY 1996

Software Library News

by Phil Trudinger

Please note: With one exception the files described in this article are on the June 1996 CD-ROM (PsL Vol 4, #6). Please quote the month or Vol/# when ordering files on disk.

Reminder: Most CDROM programs are Share ware. A reasonable time (generally one month) is allowed for evaluation but if you continue to use a program beyond this time you should comply with the author's conditions which usually require payment of a registration fee. Bear in mind that this is the only way by which an author receives any reward for his/her efforts. All registration fees are US dollars.

ell, we have waited for it - and now it has happened. The PsL CD-ROMs, the source of programs described in these articles, are on the Bulletin Board (see the ZIP files labelled CDx in Area 1 for file listings). Our thanks to Michael Phillips for getting this service up and running. Currently there are 6 CDs in place (February - July 1996; PsL Vol 4, #2-#7) but a further 2 will be added in the ensuing months. So there is no longer any need to ask me or Nikolaj Komnacki to up load files unless they are available only from an earlier CD-ROM. We shall, of course, continue to supply programs on disk for those who are unable to access the Board.

New and Updated Windows Programs
A Software Special
New and Updated DOS Programs

(An asterisk denotes Windows 95 specificity or compatibility)

A Software Special

VIDFUN18* This program is not on a CD-ROM. It was beamed by e-mail direct from the author, Lawrence Gozum, Ontario, Canada. It can be found in the Windows-Graphics area (111) of the Bulletin Board and, of course, can be supplied on disk by the Librarians.

To quote the blurb that accompanied the program:

'VidFun is an easy-to-use, value-added Multimedia, viewer/player, slide show, screen saver and image utility. "An impressive viewer"... featured in CompuServe Magazine, Feb 96. It works with Windows 95, supports Drag & Drop and can integrate as the helper application for Web browsers (eg Netscape).

It plays ALL popular, digital video formats found on the Internet: MPEG, AVI, MOV & FLC/FLI; plus DAT (Video CD) and audio formats (MIDI, WAV, CD music). Its flexible File Browser can open multiple files and windows; graphics support includes JPEG (Fast!), BMP/DIB, CMP, KQP/PIC, MAC, Photo CD, PICT, PCX, PNG, PSD, RAS, TGA, TIF, WPG ... and Multipage DCX/TIF fax files.

With Instant Slideshows, you can quickly make multi-track, Multimedia slide shows (or screen savers) mixing audio, video and graphics with 30+ effects; plus, variable loops, speed, volume, size, position, background, delays (or control of your presentation with its slide controls)... all via 'spreadsheet' editor, cell pop-ups and drag & drop reordering.

Image processing includes gamma, sharpen, smooth, histogram analysis/enhancement, posterise, mosaic, colour reduction/dithering, variable emboss, combine bitmaps, RGB/CMYK/HSV/ HLS colour spaces... Plus, colour prints (w/ choice of dithering), format conversions (batch), TWAIN scans/grabs, edits (cut, paste, .01 deg. rotate, flip, crop, resize)...more!'

The program will work with a 386, VGA and 4Mb of memory but to realise its full potential you will need a 486, SVGA, a sound card and 8Mb RAM. (Reg. Fee $45)


BDMIND BirthdayMinder 1.00 alerts you to upcoming birthdays or anniversaries each time you boot up Windows. The advance notice time can easily be adjusted. (Reg.Fee: $20-$30)

CCN_10 Christian Christian Names 1.0 is a unique program which enables browsing and searching of nearly 800 specifically Christian given names, including Biblical and etymological detail. All the names included have enjoyed a reasonable currency in the last 100 years. Each name includes comments, details of etymology, and Biblical references. Search and print facilities are provided. (Reg.Fee: $10)

EOSUN Eye on the Sunrise 1.1a displays the time of sunrise, sunset, moonrise, and moonset for any location. It comes with a starter database of over 250 cities, or you can enter your own information. Other features include a percentage of full moon display, a world clock/map, weather forecaster, heat index/dew point/wind chill calculator, and more. (Reg.Fee: $20)

EZB EZB 3.0 is an easy-to-use database package for Windows. It comes with several pre-defined database structures, or you can create your own from scratch. Features include automatic indexing of all fields for fast retrieval, a free-text search option, combined searches on more than one field, and more. (Reg.Fee: $15)

KALK32* Kalkulator (32-bit) 1.21 is a powerful scientific/engineering calculator for Win95/NT. Features include more than 100 functions, column-wise operations on statistical data, linear algebra, unit conversion, save and restore functions, and more. (Reg.Fee: $40)

MSGPAD4A* MAPI Message Pad (32-bit) 4.0a is a telephone message system for Win95/NT that supplements or replaces the traditional 'While You Were Out' message pad. (Reg.Fee: ($30)

PRINTSEL PrintSelector allows you to control your printer settings either from a menu or by inserting codes into your files which a TSR will translate into printer control codes from within any program as you print the file. A non-TSR can also be used to print the files from DOS. (Reg.Fee: $29)

RTKSP108 R-Tek Scratchpad 1.08 is a self-documenting, programmable, printing, graphing, scientific scratchpad calculator for Windows. Math expressions look like you would write them yourself. It handles fractions, mixed numbers, exact math, trig, linear algebra, linear programming, finance, and statistics. (Reg.Fee: $15)

VT13 Visual Trigonometry 1.3 is a fully-functional, interactive demonstration of the functions and theory of trigonometry. (Reg.Fee: $?)


AARDINST Aardvark Pro HTML Editor 2.0.2 allows you to easily create Internet web pages in Windows. All tags are available at the push of a button, so knowledge of complex HTML codes is not required. Sample templates are included to help get you started. (Reg.Fee: $0)

CM213 Cache Master 2.13 allows you to process Netscape cache to view HTML documents off-line complete with in line graphics. It also allows you to store WEB information in a database for easy retrieval and viewing. (Reg.Fee: $20)

FANFAX10 FancyFax 1.0 prints fancy fax cover sheets with any bitmap picture, even colour bitmaps. You can use any Windows fonts, even different fonts for each cover sheet section. Other features include the ability to fax a cover sheet from within FancyFax using your Fax/Modem to send an 'instant' one-page fax message, a built-in database that saves your To/From lists, multiple cover sheet styles, and sample clip art. (Reg.Fee: $20)

FAX_N102* FaxMail Network for Windows n1.02 adds faxing capabilities to Win95/NT applications. Features include an auto-print on receive option, background operation, custom cover pages, a fast fax viewer, timed sends, logging of all past and future fax events, and much more. (Reg.Fee: $55+)

FAX_V505 FaxMail for Windows 5.05 adds faxing capabilities to all WIN31 applications. Features include an auto-print on receive option, background operation, custom cover pages, a fast fax viewer, timed sends, logging of all past and future fax events, and much more. (Reg.Fee: $25)

IRD_20 Internet Resources Database 2.0 allows you to create a personalised database of Internet resources in Windows. (Reg.Fee: $22-$35)

MODMMETR Modem Speed-meter 1.0 monitors in real time the transaction speed of your modem in Windows. It graphically displays the number of bytes received or transmitted per unit of time. Using this tool you can see exactly how many bytes are transmitted, when and at what speed. (Reg.Fee: $15)

TELELOG2 Telephonelog 1.3 makes it easy to keep track of your long distance telephone calls by recording date, time, name, number, and call length. You can create a list of frequently called numbers, and use drag and drop to dial them. (Reg.Fee: $15)

WEBEDIT WebEdit HTML Editor 1.4c is a stand-alone Windows-based HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) editor designed for rapid creation and easy maintenance of World Wide Web documents. Includes support for every feature of HTML 1 and 2, plus most of HTML 3. (Reg.Fee: $100)

WEBIT11 Web-It! 1.1 allows you to easily create web pages in Windows. It supports many features such as frames, forms, images, image maps, tables, lists and more. (Reg.Fee: $50-$99)

WEBPEN21 WebPen 2.1 is an easy- to-use authoring system that simplifies the creation of web home pages. It provides special functions for coloured bullets, e-mail, copyright notice, author's signature, and more. Requires VBRUN300. (Reg.Fee: ($19)

WHTML110 WinHTML 1.10 is an easy to use, intuitive program for creating and updating your Internet World Wide Web Home page. It automatically generates HTML codes for text and document formats, graphics, lists, and links to other documents and web sites. Support is included for extended and ASCII characters, and it links to your Web browser to allow document previewing as you edit. Requires VB40016.DLL. (Reg.Fee: $25)

WINTEL32* WinTel32 1.1 is a communication program for Win95/NT. It features file transfer using ASCII, XModem, YModem, ZModem, and Kermit; VT100, ANSI Colour, VT52, and TTY terminal emulation; viewing GIF and JPEG images off line or while down loading; Telnet client for TCP/IP connection; uuencoding and decoding Internet files; and more. This version limits connect time to 15 minutes. (Reg.Fee: $45)


BAKER* Baker's Dozen (TS) is a collection of 13 solitaire card games for Win95. This includes Auld Lang Syne, Black Hole, Double or Quits, Five Piles, Fourteen Out, Golf, Nestor, Quadrille, Robert, Thirteens, Treasure Trove, Triangle and Vertical. (Reg.Fee: $?)

COVERUP Cover-Up 1.01 is an unusual dice game for Windows. You must try to 'remove' the numbers 1 through 9 by rolling the dice and removing only those numbers whose sum is the value of the dice. (Reg.Fee: $10)

ECON104A Econs' Arena 1.04a is an unusual fantasy chess-like strategy game for Windows. The elements (Earth, Air, Fire and Water) have declared war on each other, and only the being called Econ can prevent them from destroying their world. You can control Ogres, Griffons, Dragons, Tritons, and other mythological pieces while casting spells imprisoning your foes or protecting your troops. (Reg.Fee: $10)

FISHDW10 Fisherman's Delight 1.00 is a fishing simulation for Windows that offers realistic fishing action for trout, bass, sunfish, catfish, and salmon at a number of lake, river, and ocean locations. You can select the rod, reel, line, and bait, as well as the technique for using them. Features include beautiful graphics, authentic sound effects, and a musical soundtrack. (Reg.Fee: $20)

WB Win Battle 1.02 is a space battle game for Windows. This has a 'Battlestar Galactica' theme, where you send your fighter ships out to do battle. This is a ten-minute demo version. (Reg.Fee: $12)


DCWIN2 DRAFT Choice for Windows 2.00h is a powerful CAD package for Windows. Features include support for multiple attach points, 128 layers, Bezier/complex and spline curves, warp and tween, multilevel undo, parallel and perpendicular modes, DXF/PCX/WGP file support, and much more. NEW: improved Undo command when used with polygons.

DTCAD21 DeltaCad 2.1 is a computer aided design program for Windows. Features include an easy-to-use tabbed dialogue interface, context-sensitive help, sample drawings and libraries, support for up to 256 layers per drawing, and much more. This is suitable for everything from drafting and house plans, to business cards and signs. This is a 32-bit application, but Win32s is included for use on 16-bit systems. (Reg.Fee: $50)

GRAFAC The Graphics Factory 1.0 allows you to create beautiful textures, backgrounds, designs, repeatable tiles, landscapes and more in Windows. This uses advanced algorithms and procedures such as noise, turbulence, magnetics, and life to create images. Drawing types include lines, boxes, pixels storm, sphere, fractals and over 30 more. Effects include wave, transparency, jitter, filters, sphere projection and over 40 others. High colour or true colour is recommended. (Reg.Fee: $39)

GVPD_30 Graphics VP Deluxe 3.0 helps you view, print, acquire, convert, and resize picture files in Windows. It supports class conversion and file compression, and includes a gallery thumbnail utility. This supports BMP, PCX, TIF, GIF, JPG, PIC, RAS, TGA, PCD, FLT, CUT and more. (Reg.Fee: $20)


ARCHIVER Archivers 4.8 provides an interface which allows you to compress and uncompress files using PKZIP, ARJ, LHA, and Microsoft's Compress/Expand programs. It also offers a complete file management system, allowing you to create directories, delete directories, copy and move files, search for files, view and execute files, and rearrange your Windows items and groups. (Reg.Fee: $20)

CDW3* CD Wizard 3.12 is an audio CD player for WIN31. It provides many features of a home CD player including fast forward, reverse, skip, track programming, real-time digital display and more. Requires a CD-ROM drive. CDW4 is the 32-bit version. (Reg.Fee: $16)

CFR16* Coop's File Reporter 1.0 allows you to easily create a list of the files and directories on your computer. You can then print this list or export it to a text or data file. This version allows five uses. CFR32LT is the 32-bit version. (Reg.Fee: $15)

CM95_10* ClockMan95 1.0 is a powerful automation utility for Win95. It allows you to perform automatic down loads, backups, virus scans, and much more at user-specified times. Other features include reminder facilities and a date and time bar. (Reg.Fee: $80)

CUTIL210* clySmic Win32 Utilities 2.10 is a collection of 32-bit desktop utilities for Win95/NT/Win32s. Included are a drag and drop wallpaper selector, an exe file information utility, a system information utility, a user-controlled random wallpaper program, and File Manager extensions. (Reg.Fee: $15)

FONREV2* FontReview (32-bit) 2.01 allows you to view, print and install True Type fonts directly from Win95. It integrates seemlessly with Win95 as a shell extension. The viewer displays samples and character set for installed and uninstalled fonts. Four sample sheets for any True Type font may be printed. Requires VB40032.DLL. (Reg.Fee: $10)

MOVER95 Mover95 2.0 allows you to move complete programs, with all associated files, between directories or drives. It will also search ini files, registry entries, and other configuration files and change them if necessary. This version will only move three applications. (Reg.Fee: $30)

GP50_2* GrabIt Pro for Win95/NT 5.0 is a screen capture package for 32-bit Windows. You can capture any Windows menu, a client area, and entire window, or the entire Windows desktop. Features include hot key support, the ability to include the cursor in captures, image sizing and scaling, an inverse option for DOS screen captures, drag and drop support, and much more. (Reg.Fee: $43)

GTIDESK GTI Desktop+ 1.2 is a set of five utilities to enhance your Windows desktop. Features include the ability to change the mouse cursor, three new screen savers, a wallpaper changer, a sound changer, and an animated wallpaper option. (Reg.Fee: ($40)

MM21 Macro Mania 2.1 is an easy-to-use macro program that works with any Windows program. It enables you to run programs (or switch to currently running programs) and then send keystrokes to that program with one simple command, just as if you had manually started the program and typed in the keys yourself. It can also be told to switch back and forth between programs to transport data via the Windows' clipboard using cut, copy, and paste functions. (Reg.Fee: $18)

REGSURF* Surf the Registry 1.0a allows you to search the entire Win95/NT Registry or a single branch for any character string you wish. Options include case-sensitivity, whole-word only, auto-stop or continuous mode, and more. You can search key names, value names, data, or any combination, and the results are presented in tree-view format and are printable. (Reg.Fee: $28)

SGRAB Screen Grab 2.00 allows you to capture any area of the screen and save it to a BMP file. You can also invoke Paint Brush to edit the file before saving. (Reg.Fee: $11)

SR_254* Search and Replace for Windows 2.54 searches through multiple files and sub-directories for a string and can replace it with another. The results are displayed colour coded, and can be viewed in context (several lines before and after). Both 16- and 32-bit versions are included. (Reg.Fee: $15)

VCLOCK Voice Clock! 2.02c will announce the time of day at 1 minute, 15 minutes, 30 minutes or 1 hour intervals, using digitised human speech. Requires a sound card or Microsoft's speaker driver. (Reg.Fee: $10)

WCPD25 Complete Program Deleter for Windows 2.5 deletes all the files installed by a program's installation process, including sub-directories created by the program, and restores the AUTOEXEC.BAT, CONFIG.SYS, WIN.INI, and SYSTEM.INI files to their previous condition. This can be useful for deleting programs from your hard drive while avoiding the associated nuisances that can sometimes be left behind. (Reg.Fee: $15)

WDWLCK22 Windows Lock 2.2 provides password protection for WIN31. You can deny access to all or parts of the system, specified applications, or password protect entry into Windows. (Reg.Fee: $5)

WINMGR Windows Manager 2.50 is a multi-function utility package for Windows. Features include the ability to add an application to ProgMan, change icons, add groups, execute programs, a desktop alarm clock, calendar, calculator, system monitor, and more. (Reg.Fee: $13)



EW102 Easy Word 10.2 is an easy-to-use word processor. Features include a spell checker, line drawing, secure erase facility for classified documents, table entry mode and macros. It will also batch print odd and even pages separately for double-sided printing. (Reg.Fee: $25)

CGZ41 Capital Gainz 4.1 is an investment tracking program for the small investor who accumulates shares in mutual funds and dividend reinvestment plans over a period of time. It lets you determine a security's total return for a given period of time; sell shares using an assortment of methods such as last-in/last-out, maximise gains/minimise losses, and average price (mutual funds only); see the results of a specific sale and of selling a number of shares using different selling procedures without committing the transaction. It also accounts for money market funds and offers portfolio and broker options. Other features include an allocation display and report which breaks down your portfolio by amount per security type; Schedule B and D reports, similar to tax forms; and more. (Reg.Fee: $74)

DIFFER Algebraic Differentiator 1.0 differentiates algebraic expressions of virtually any complexity. It accepts algebraic expressions with support for a number of functions and will differentiate the expression with respect to X. C source code is included. (Reg.Fee: $0)

EASYSCII EasyScope 2.0 explains how to build a digital storage oscilloscope attachment for your computer for only $85. Complete plans and testing software are included. (Reg.Fee: $0)

GRMOTION GRMotion 1.0 displays the relative motion between two satellites in circular orbits. (Reg.Fee: $0)

HTMLES11 HTMLess 1.1 converts HTML files to ASCII by removing the HTML tags and placing them in a separate file. (Reg.Fee: $0-7)

HTMTUT20 The Only Web Publishing Tutorial You'll Ever Need 2.0 helps you learn the language of the World Wide Web. This tutorial covers text formatting, page design, tables, frames, graphical content, and links for HTML, FTP, and other Internet services. It is easy to use, and contains plenty of samples and images to help get you started. (Reg.Fee: $29)

HFC162 Hebrew Flashcards 1.62 assists beginning students in learning the letters of the Hebrew alphabet, vowel pointing, letter order, and Bible words. Quizzes are divided into categories of words, such as adverbs, nouns, etc. The Hebrew word is displayed and the student must type the equivalent in English. (Reg.Fee: ($12)

RADCAD Rad CAD 2.0 is a 3D graphics design program that allows rotating, scaling, animation, axis rotation and more. (Reg.Fee: $0)

TYPEIT21 Type-It 2.1 converts your computer into a typewriter. You can print text to your printer letter by letter, line by line, or page by page. (Reg.Fee: $11)

TSETD25 The SemWare Editor Professional 2.5 is a text editor which allows editing up to 64Mb of files by using a virtual memory manager to utilise any combination of XMS, EMS and hard disk space. The program also includes a programmable macro language, vertical and horizontal windows, bookmarks, search-and-replace with wild cards and incremental search, several printing options (header and footer lines, page numbering, adjustable line spacing, etc.), integrated spell checker, and much more. This version is limited to 30 minutes or 4000 keystrokes per session. (Reg.Fee: ($115)


BOMBER22 Bomber 2.2 is an arcade game in which you must destroy enemy bases on the path of your B-29 bomber. Many obstacles are on your path such as tanks, helicopters, warships and more. It features VGA, and Soundblaster digitised sounds. (Reg.Fee: $15)

BRIDGE25 Contract Bridge (RLW) 2.5 lets you play bridge against the computer. The program bids, plays and scores rubber matches. Hands are evaluated according to the Goren Point-Count method. Although the program doesn't have fancy graphics or a lot of options, it seems to bid and play reasonably well. Enhanced bidding. (Reg.Fee: $19)

CC11A+ Cyber Chopper 1.10 puts you in the cockpit of a futuristic helicopter to do battle against an array of enemies. Other features include dual-player mode, four-way scrolling, and a digital soundtrack. (Reg.Fee: $15)

GARNOTT2 Garnott 2.0beta is a fun Asteroids-style game in which you must defend the galaxy against the evil Dage Vador and his minions. Use the perimetric imaging radar aboard your space craft to seek out the alien fighters and blow them up. Use the accumulated points after each level to buy better weapons. Beware of Vadors' indestructible Saw-Ship. Once it finds you, you're doomed. (Reg.Fee: $0)


CPD23 Complete Program Deleter 2.3 deletes all the files installed by a program's installation process, including sub-directories created by the program, and restores the AUTOEXEC.BAT, CONFIG.SYS, WIN.INI, and SYSTEM.INI files to their previous condition. This can be useful for deleting programs from your hard drive while avoiding the associated nuisances that can sometimes be left behind. (Reg.Fee: $15)

DSPLIT12 DSplit and DJoin (DG) 1.2 allows you to split large files into smaller ones and then rejoin them when needed. You can specify the number of resulting files or maximum size per file. A PIF file and icon are also included for running the program under Windows. (Reg.Fee: $0)

FPROT222 F-Prot 2.22 scans disks, hard drives, and all network drives for viruses using one of 3 methods: a secure scan which is slow, but makes an accurate identification; full scan which is a little faster, or a quick scan that only searches for known variants. It detects 250 families of viruses. It scans diskettes or your entire system, and allows the addition of a user-defined hexadecimal search pattern with wild cards. It performs an analysis of the memory allocation, programs, and boot sectors. It reports a list of infected files, disinfects files, and renames the infected files so they may not be executed. Optionally scans .DOC and .DOT files for Microsoft Word Macro-based viruses, detection of new viruses. Added detection of the AOLGold Trojan and 290 new viruses. (Reg.Fee: $0)

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