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from Cliff Manley, Editor

Let me introduce myself.

I am a writer by choice and an editor out of necessity. I like to take photographs, and write about them. That means, Freelance Journalism is the food I eat and the water I drink, at least part time. The rest of the time I take photos, so e-mail me if you need some, I am good...

Having lived in and around Canberra since 1975, the idiosyncracies of the region are no longer a surprise. By idiosyncracies I mean the way politics seems to permeate the very air we breathe.

From Motor Cycle Clubs to Golf Clubs, while taking in the sights of Computer Clubs on the way through, and pounding my head on the wall of Industrial Democracy during 11 years as a Public Servant and Union activist. Strong words to some, no doubt, I only ever viewed it as a way of gaining fair treatment for the worker. I am now free of the APS and trying to right the wrongs of the world with that thing they reckon is “mightier than the semi automatic rifle”, the Desk Top Publisher.

When the ad appeared for editorial staff, I hesitated. I have seen the work involved in volunteer positions in Clubs, (having been a committee member of the Canberra Road Racing Club) and wasn’t keen on devoting the time needed.

However, the quality of the magazine had always impressed me, and having that on my resume could only be good for me and mine. So I threw my helmet into the ring so graciously offered by Ann and Co. They then, foolishly, some may finish up saying, consented to me putting in my two bobs (20cents you whipper snappers) worth.

My attitude towards Editorial ‘license’ may seem harsh to some, but I consider myself a professional (what I’m not sure) and take a fairly tough line when it comes to placing my name on any sort of work.

As a consequence, prepare for some changes. Darrell and myself agree on one thing, we want to take Sixteen Bits to the next logical step. One of an extremely high standard, with content that will only get better and a layout that will continue the work Lis Shelley started when she placed the publication on it’s award winning path.

Are we doing it the right way? Only time will tell. One day we will pass it on. We don’t believe that will be difficult, after all, I want it on my resume, so might you.

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