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The release of WEB Translator from Globalink Inc heralds a new era in Web literacy.

This new Windows software enables anyone surfing the Internet to translate sites currently shown in French, German or Spanish into English just by clicking a button on their Web browser. And French, German and Spanish people will be able to read and understand English Web sites similarly.

WEB Translator's multilingual translation capability allows users to access foreign language Web sites and to produce draft translations in their preferred language. Translated pages maintain all graphics, hot links and formatting. The translations can be created online, while surfing, or viewed off-line by translating saved pages.

The dictionaries for WEB Translator have been specially prepared for use on the Web and include Internet terminology to enhance the accuracy of the translations.

Peter Klanberck, Managing Director of Globalink's Australian distributor Software Etc Australia, commented: “We are very excited about WEB Translator. It gives users a fun and interesting way to get exposure to international Web sites and opens the way to much greater Internet involvement to French, German and Spanish people.”

“WEB Translator is the only product that actually translates foreign language Web sites from around the Globe” said Klanberck. “That makes it a must for anyone with a Web browser. No longer will people be restricted to seeing Web sites published in their native tongue. They will be able to read foreign sites in their own language with just the click of a button.”

“WEB Translator will be a boon to anyone using the Web, including students doing research, business people looking for information, travellers planning their holidays and those just surfing for fun. People of all ages will be able to expand their horizons and communicate with other nationalities.”

WEB Translator works with Netscape Navigator 2.0. Support for other browsers, including Mosaic, will follow soon and be available for free download to registered users.

Depending on the user's PC, WEB Translator can be run in either 16-bit or 32-bit mode on MS Windows 3.1 or Windows 95. It is supplied on CD and includes bidirectional translation for French, German and Spanish in the one pack.

A 486/66 or above PC with 17-77MB of free disk space is recommended.

Priced at $169, WEB Translator is available now from major software resellers, on the Web (at or direct from Software Etc Australia (1800-024-971).

Coffee and C hat SIG members have begun a Virtual Coffee and Chat using Internet Relay Chat.

Everyone is welcome to join in on the alternate week of the real Coffee & Chat at 10.30am on channel #CConline. Member Emil Joseph normally hosts the session as moderator for the group.

See for more information and contact details.

Parallel Performance Group, of Sedona, AZ, announces a Series of FREE E-Mail Newsletters on high-tech software topics. Below is a list of the topics discussed in the Newsletter Series:

To receive more information, send any email to; this will return a detailed listing of the Newsletters, and instructions on how to receive sample copies and subscriptions. Or visit the web site at on high-tech software products.

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