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Darrell Burkey, Editor

A few months ago the editorial team defined overall goals which we felt would take about six months to accomplish. The aim was to continue the improvements made by the previous team while at the same time decreasing the amount of time and effort required by any one volunteer staff member to produce the journal. With a little luck thrown in, this would go a long way towards creating a consistent and quality publication that each month represents what is special about our organisation. Definitely a worthwhile plan and I am happy to report that four months down the line we are now well on our way to achieving our goals.

The price of this commitment has been a significant investment of time while we convert to new software, hardware and procedures to produce Sixteen Bits. This has meant that at times, due to deadline pressures, we have not had the time we would like to work with authors or fine tune the overall production which can sometimes result in silly mistakes. The good news is that we continue to receive a lot of support and interest from the readers and have managed to increase the editorial content to provide you with more information and hopefully, enjoyment. This month (providing the quality of the actual printing is up to scratch) you will begin to see the results in the form of improved print quality and overall design.

Over twenty volunteers are involved in producing each issue of our journal (twice that counting the stuffers) and I would like to thank everyone involved for their tremendous level of support and energy in creating such a fine publication each month. The PC Users Group in general is accomplishing amazing outcomes for the members and it is with great pride that we present Sixteen Bits to you as a reflection of that success.

If you need any more proof of how far the group has come over the years don’t miss two extremely important events taking place over the next few weeks. First off, if you want to be involved in the direction the group is taking, make sure you cast your vote during the election of committee members at the Annual General Meeting. Secondly, only a few weeks later you can help celebrate the opening of a new PC Users Group Centre, which promises to bring tremendous improvements to our overall activities.

These are important times for the group and I look forward to the next year as our ideas and efforts result in a bigger, stronger and better PC Users Group. As we continue fulfilling our goal of “Users Helping Users” why not get out there and join us for some good times? You would have to be mad to miss it. Mooooooo.

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