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Presidentís Letter

by Ann Byrne, President

Another AGM is upon us. Looking back over the past year, the group has made many positive moves. While The Internet Project continues to grow, our move to the new premises in Belconnen reflects our commitment to serve our membership with a place to meet and have coffee in pleasant, comfortable surroundings. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the people who make this group what it is. Special thanks go to our treasurer, Hugh Alston, who has taken our accounts onboard and produced clear and concise reports for the committee each month, cumulating with the annual accounts in this journal. And thanks to Petra Dwyer, who is a tremendous assist to the group. Iím not sure who initially hired Petra, but Iíd sure like to buy this person a drink! Petra has her finger on the pulse of the groupís activities and keeps the committee informed and in line.

Retiring from the committee this year are Lis Shelley, Andrew (Dac) Clayton, and Gabrielle Wright. My thanks to them for the hard work and commitment over the last year and beyond. Lis has been a voice of calm and reason on the committee for many years and her presence will be missed by all. I extend my warm thanks to the entire committee for all their support over the past twelve months. And Iím sure that the coming year will be just as rewarding.

The group would greatly suffer without our volunteers. As the number of volunteers total about 160 out of a membership of over 3,400, sometimes itís not easy to keep things running smoothly. So no matter what your expertise, we can use really use your help. Please think about giving something back to the group by volunteering. There is much to look forward to in the coming year - not the least of which is our official opening of the new premises in Belconnen on the 12th of October at 11am. I look forward to seeing you there.

Matters arising from the July minutes:

The Committee Moved that

The benefits to members of acquiring the AS5200 were summarised as Other items discussed included: Treasurer's report for July
Total income $ 37,094.75
Total expenditure $ 16,847.77
Balance at bank as at 31/7/96 $ 97,164.96

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